Impact Through Film

Unique Waves Productions are a small but professional company specialising in producing documentaries & promotional films for a range of clients including Private Sector, Environmental Groups, NGO's , International Organisations & Local Government.

• Conservation Projects
  • Climate Change Initiatives
  • Community Projects
  • Invasive Species Projects
  • Eco-Tourism Initiatives

Getting Your Message Across...

Film is becoming an increasingly important media for publicity, advocacy, awareness raising and education; issues and solutions can be brought to life in a way that is hard to achieve through printed media.

The internet provides a powerful forum for films to be made accessible to audiences worldwide and many organisations are recognising the potential impact of incorporating promotional films and short documentaries into their websites. The Unique Waves Productions team have over 15 years experience in providing support to private clients, international organisations, local government agencies and NGOs.

They specialise in designing and producing:
- Films for local government agencies & NGOs
- Promotional films for private clients
- Documentary films for international, NGO & governmental agencies to support educational work on biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation and sustainable livelihood initiatives

Understanding the Issues
The team draw on specialist expertise in filming, editing, web design and photography, including the use of aerial and drone technology. They also draw on over 15 years’ specialist experience in biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation and sustainable livelihood initiatives.

This means that the documentary and educational films they produce are based on an in-depth understanding of the issues and challenges at the heart of the conservation and development initiatives being portrayed, and that the films capture the key messages and issues in a creative and inspirational way.

In most film projects the Unique Waves Productions team deal with all of the research, script writing, consultation, filming and editorial work ‘in-house’ which means that they can produce high quality results at an affordable price. However they also have partnerships with many other experts and can contract in additional expertise if necessary.


The Unique Waves Productions Team place a strong emphasis on working closely with their clients to make sure that the results which clients wish for are achieved in a way that is engaging, clear, concise and eye catching.

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